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Faith and Spirituality

Faith and Spirituality

Elevate your faith and spiritual style with these enchanting die-cut stickers! These... 

Empowerment Quotes

Empowerment Quotes

These are stickers that empower and inspire Black individuals, such as motivational... 

Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic

Celebrate the strength, beauty, and contributions of African American women with these... 

Waterproof & Strong

Our stickers are thick, high quality vinyl that is dishwasher tested, scratch and fade resistant.

  • Vinyl Decal

    1. Clean application surface with alcohol and allow to fully dry.

    2. Carefully peel away the paper backing from decal

  • Application

    3. Align the decal and press onto surface

    4. Use a credit card to smooth decal onto surface from the top down

  • Instructions

    5. Ensure decal is fully adhered slowly peel away clear plastic from top down

    6. Enjoy & Relax 😊

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